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At Truth Pay, our commitment lies in delivering swift and secure transactions, coupled with 'TRP' token rewards, ensuring an effortless e-commerce experience for our users. We prioritize simplicity and innovation in every financial solution we offer, aiming to redefine convenience in transactions.

Fast payment and cashback

Send and receive payments instantly while paying lower network fees. Earn cashback rewards on transactions.

Credit and debit card

Payment cards that allow users to make purchases using credit or funds directly from their bank account.

Passive income

Users earn returns on their deposits within the platform without actively participating in daily operations.


A collection or assortment of financial assets held by an individual or entity, often consisting of various investments such as stocks, bonds, or other securities.

About Company

Empowering Transactions through Decentralized Innovation

Truth Pay thrives on the Smart Chain BSC network, pioneering a fully decentralized platform dedicated to user-centric innovation and top-notch security. We're driven by a mission to revolutionize the payment landscape, providing a seamless and trusted environment for financial transactions.

  •  Decentralized Transactions
  •  24/7 Secure Assistance
  •  Innovative Payment Solutions
  •  User-Centric Platform
  •  Flexible Cashback Rewards
  •  Automated Recurring Payments


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Step 1

Create your Account

Join dapp and create a unique username for a quick start

Step 2

Exploration of Services

Discover rapid transactions, 'TRP' token rewards, and versatile e-commerce tools

Step 3

Secure Transactional Experience

Conduct transactions securely within our decentralized framework

Step 4

Exclusive Token Rewards

Earn 'TRP' tokens and unlock special benefits through regular usage.

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